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For Various Industries
Metallic Yarn

Metallic yarns are composed of metalic or as a blend of metallic yarn with other yarn. These yarns express the properties of metals from which they formed.

Hot Stamping Foil

Hot stamping foil paper has wide variety of colors. That can be used in a broad range of industries and in numerous printing applications.

Glitter Powder

Glitter is an assortment of small, flat, and reflective particles. Glitter particles reflect light at different angles, causing the surface to sparkle.

Covering & Intermingled Yarn

Knitting and weaving industries of narrows, intimate garments, swimming suits, sweaters, fashion cloths, jeans, shoe materials, hosiery and so on

Metallic Scrubber

This multi-purpose kitchen scrubber is made by combining sponge with metallic yarn to produce best quality of scrubber.

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