ST Type

ST Type Yarn

ST-TYPE, also known as covering yarn is made of Polyester Yarns or Rayon Yarn and Nylon that are completely wrapped by 12 micron metallic yarn at the fully closed regular intervals. There are two shapes of ST Type; full covered and half covered.
Various white gold (golden on pure silver)
It can be used in various product especially as embroidery thread, such as knitwear, tricots, sweaters, stockings, embroidery, weaving, kitchen scrubber and industrial subsidiary materials accessories etc.
Weight (grams):
100, 150, 200, 300, 400, and 500.
Gold , silver, blue, red, green, etc
Pre-dyed textiles (weaving), embroidery, velvet, laces, ribbons, all yarn dyed weaving and fabrics, accessories, industrial subsidiary materials, interior decoration, kitchen scrubber etc.